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Shannon Myers

SPMC Books 2-5 Bundle with BONUS Epilogue (Ebook)

SPMC Books 2-5 Bundle with BONUS Epilogue (Ebook)

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He'll never forgive me...

Jamie swore to keep us safe from evil, but it was at our doorstep the entire time; just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. I led it into our home and once he finds out, I'll have to pay for my sins.

This world may have left me beaten and bloody, but it won't break me...

That's a power only he holds.

I did what I had to for my daughters and even if it means shattering my heart, I'll fight for them with everything I have left. I will shield and protect them from the cruelty of this world and they will never know what I endured that night to keep them safe.

We lie to protect the ones we love...

I've buried the truth so far down, he'll never find it.

Please be aware that The SPMC series is not recommended for readers under the age of eighteen, as it contains strong language, sexual situations, drug use, and graphic violence.

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Ebooks included in this bundle:

  • The Protector (372 pages)
  • The Renegade (366 pages)
  • The Traitor (336 pages)
  • The Savior (378 pages)
  • Bonus Epilogue from The Savior
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