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Shannon Myers

Operation Annulment (Operation Duet: Book 2) Digital Book

Operation Annulment (Operation Duet: Book 2) Digital Book

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Waking up married to him is actually the least of my problems...

As the older sister, I've always been the responsible one. My only serious relationship ended when I caught him in bed with another man. It's just as well. My life is consistent, with no room for surprises.

Waking up in Vegas next to a man I can barely stand most of the time was never in my plans. For that matter, neither was the diamond ring on a very important finger.

Nate appeared to be the quintessential bachelor, completely unwilling to be tied down by anyone. Unfortunately, the ex-wife who turns up once we get home proves otherwise.

Now, she sees me as a competitor to be eliminated in her quest to reclaim his heart and she's willing to go to any lengths to get her man.

Operation Annulment is the second book in the Operation Series and can be read as a STANDALONE. However, it is better if read following Operation Fit-ish.

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 (362 pages)

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