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Shannon Myers

From This Day Forward Duet Bundle (Ebook)

From This Day Forward Duet Bundle (Ebook)

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Landon promised me forever. Forever only lasted until his best friend's wife caught his eye. He left behind the house and the remnants of my shattered heart. David is my white knight. Swooping in to rescue me from my grief.

One is my husband. The other? A mystery.

A car wreck changes my entire reality. Now, nothing is as I remember it, including the man I vowed to love until death.

You think you've heard this before? Trust me, you have no idea.

From This Day Forward is the first book in the From This Day Forward Duet. Both books are now available! Elizabeth's story continues in Forsaking All Others.

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Ebooks included in this bundle:

    • From This Day Forward (220 pages)
    • Forsaking All Others (264 pages)
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