Savory Sunday: French Potato Casserole, Church, and Saying Goodbye

“No matter how broken you find yourself, there is healing in this place.” -Pastor Tim Radkey

I found this statement to be profoundly accurate. When I go to church, I find myself able to let go of all the negative that creeps in every week and just be. Too often we find ourselves with a mirror held up to our faces, unable to see anything beyond ourselves. Sundays are a day for seeing the big picture and starting the week with a new perspective. At least that’s how it is for me. Granted, I find myself wound tightly again by the following weekend, but the week is started with a sense of calm.

However, as I sat in church today, I found myself keenly aware of those around me and what I saw sickened me. As with most churches, we have a few minutes to greet one another, and I saw a woman walk up to someone she obviously knew and use her program to mask what she saying as she whispered into her friend’s ear. They both finished speaking and looked around, I’m sure for the poor soul they were gossiping about. These are the people who sit in church Sunday and promptly forget everything on their way out.

When did this become Christianity?

When did small groups become gossip hour?

Unfortunately, I cannot exclude myself as I am just as guilty of negative talk as the next person. But what if we chose to be different? We never know the struggle facing those that walk into the doors of the church or where we work. Would people feel more welcome and less on guard in places like the church if we made more of a conscious effort to practice what we preach? Would more be done to help those in need? I believe so.

My parents closed their restaurant today. The economy has been so battered in the past couple of years one has to wonder if the small business can survive. Although I was not there with them, I do know they served one last meal, tears were shed, and the community came out in full force to comfort them. While this was not the outcome anyone wanted, I do think it’s important to see that when people show up during times of trial, it can make a bad situation seem a little lighter.

Where do my parents go from here?

That’s the beauty of saying goodbye. It frees you to pursue anything you can imagine. And, in the process, a stronger person emerges from the ashes.